Semi–deep notes from my old phone

What? It's been two weeks since my last post? What resolution? Uh... Here are some notes I found on my old phone:

18/03/2013 Monday 08:53
Surprise period: the true destroyer of my underwear.

11/02/2013 Monday 18:23
Want to know a secret? I hate cafes. And I live in a city where café culture is a major tourist draw card. I hate everything from the varied and indecipherable café etiquette of each place – do I wait to be seated or do I plonk myself wherever? Do I wait to be served or order at the counter? – to the blindingly attractive wait staff to the overpriced gourmet shit that tastes better super greasy and consumed at 2am.  I hate that everyone does art on the side and spent their summer backpacking somewhere exotic (not that there’s anything actually wrong with that…). I just want an immigrant family who set up shop 20 years ago out of necessity and to support their future kids. A bit of grime, haphazard signage, a floor plan and furnishings that are in no way aesthetically pleasing (not even ironically), a crowd of loud local workers; people who want to eat and leave. Throw in the rowdy family members playing cards in the back room table too. If I could hang out with people at a kebab shop and catch up between mouthfuls of pungent meats and garlic sauce dripping down to our elbows, and then let out a satisfying belch of onion breath, I’d be a happy lady.

11/02/2013 Monday 12:43
I love how generous people are with their stories coz at the end of the day, everyone wants other people to know they existed. Right?

06/02/2013 Wednesday 01:28
I’m going through that period of feeling dwarfed by everybody else. Creatively, intellectually. It’s a fact of life that people acknowledge then move on from – there is always someone else out there doing what you do, but better. The thing is you’re supposed to use that fact as a goal/benchmark or stop comparing yourself. I’m just using it as a productivity blocker.

20/12/2012 Thursday 08:11

18/12/2012 Tuesday 10:51
If you look down at your feet hard enough when you’re walking, it’s like you’re on a treadmill.

02/12/2012 Sunday 09:02
People saying Vietmanese